Every 7th Aadhaar enrollment rejected in Indore, MP

If you have completed all the formalities for Aadhaar but still have not received it yet then please check your Aadhar card status online. This is also possible that either you or the company which did your enrollment had done some wrong processing due to which your Aadhaar has not been made.

60 Lakh people will soon get Aadhar Card

This can be good news for those people from Bhopal who have enrolled for their Aadhar card in the first phase but still have not received them. The UIDAI will soon formulate a policy through which these people will be issued their Aadhar cards. There are around 6 lakh people in

DCT to benefit 2 lakh people in the first month

Even with partial preparations, the government has launched the Direct Cash Transfer scheme in 20 districts on January 1. In these 20 districts about 2 lakh people will be credited direct cash into their bank accounts. The scheme will be extended