Aadhar card of animals from next month in Haryana

In a country where the population is close to 125 crore and where the nation is struggling to include its citizens in a project that is expected to be the world’s biggest one, it will be really funny and will not be easy for anyone to accept that even animals will soon

Laxity among authorities regarding Aadhaar of innocent people

Hundreds of people in Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh are fussed for not receiving Aadhar card. Many of them are those who have waited for months since photo and iris scan but still are unaware about their Aadhaar while some enrolled with them have received their Aadhaar letters.

Government admits difficulty in obtaining Aadhaar

The Indian Government has accepted that Indian citizens are facing problems in obtaining Aadhar card. Rajeev Shukla, Minister of State for Parliamentary Affairs, on Thursday at Rajya Sabha said that in some cases difficulties have come in enrollment and distribution of Aadhar card.

List of Aadhaar enrollment centres in Gurgaon

Following is a list of authorised Aadhaar enrollment centres in the Gurgaon district of Haryana. As per the official report there are 7 enrollment centres in the region whose summary along with the concerned person name and his contact number have been mentioned on this list.

New centres in bank branches only in Jhajjar

The order from the government for Aadhaar enrollment has added up more in the difficulties of the people of Jhajjar, Haryana. According to these orders the new enrollment camps will be opened up in branches of banks only. The enrollment process began in the city in February.