Recover UID/EID

Have you lost your Aadhar card, are you searching for a way to know your enrollment details, are you really worried that you don’t know your Aadhaar number? If yes, then we have a perfect solution for you. All those people who have enrolled for Aadhar card but don’t know what is their Aadhaar number can get relax now. Or all those people who want to check their Aadhar card status but don’t know or forgot their enrollment details can also get relax. We have found a very simple process to remove all your worries.

Just follow the below mentioned simple steps and recover your 12-digit unique Aadhar card number (UID) or your enrollment details (ID, date and time). For this, all you need to have is access to either your email address or your mobile number. Another thing which is needed is surely your name and we expect you to remember your name at least. The email address or mobile number should be the same which you told to that operator while enrolling for Aadhar card. If you can read email messages arriving in your mailbox or you can read SMS messages arriving on your mobile phone, then you are just few steps away from getting back what you have been looking for. But, make sure that either the email address or the mobile number must be the same as what you gave during your Aadhar card enrollment process at the camp.

You will get Aadhaar number (UID) or enrollment details (EID) either on email ID or on mobile number. Follow these simple steps carefully:

Step 1 – Click on this link to begin.

Recover Aadhar Card Number

Step 2 – If you want to know your Aadhaar Number simply fill your full name and either email address or mobile number and Security Code. If you want to know your enrollment details then select the second radio button like the one shown in image below and enter your full name and email or mobile number and Security Code.

Lost Aadhar Card

Step 3 – Click on “Get OTP” button. After clicking this button you will receive a 6-digit code either on email or on your mobile phone (depending on whether you entered email or mobile number in Step 2).

How to Get Aadhar Card Number

Step 4 – Now enter the 6-digit code in the “Enter OTP” field and click on “Verify OTP” button.

Lost Aadhar Card Number

Step 5 – You will receive your Aadhaar number or enrollment details either on your email address or on your mobile number via SMS. That’s it!!! Wasn’t this really very simple?

Forgot Aadhar Card No

Forgot Aadhar Enrollment ID

Please note that you should enter the same name, email address or mobile number which you gave during your Aadhar card enrollment procedure otherwise you will receive an error message. Once again, we want to inform you that you can select only one method of receiving messages either on email or on mobile. You cannot receive your details on both your email address and mobile number at the same time. Please ensure that you make no mistake while entering your full name, email address or mobile number in the respective fields. If you still face any problem then feel free to ask any question in the comment section below. Please like this page or share it if you think this is of any help for you.

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