Now Aadhar Card holder can act as guarantor

A person with his Aadhaar number can help the others to make their Aadhar card by acting as the underwriter. An Aadhar card holder can bear the responsibility for helping others to enroll for Aadhaar. If someone do not have any valid documents like ID proof or address proof can take the help of one who already have his/her Aadhar card. The Aadhaar number of that person will be filled in the enrollment form and he/she will be responsible for the authenticity of the enrolling person. This facility will ease the job of the enroller in obtaining their Aadhar card.

Dharmpal, Delhi Revenue Secretary said that the Aadhaar number of the guarantor will be attached in the enrollment form. If any irregularity is found in the form or the enroller is found to be false then the recommending person can also be charged with the case of forgery. Since the Aadhaar has become mandatory to access all the government services, the enrollment for Aadhaar has become essential for the people. The Delhi government had recently declared Aadhaar necessary for the registration of the property in the state territory. Besides this, Aadhaar has also been made mandatory for Annashree and student scholarship scheme. Out of all the central government services there are only nine services for Delhi. The Delhi government has mandate Aadhaar in 4 different schemes till now. Aadhaar will be made essential for other schemes as well in the coming future. It has, therefore, become very essential to enroll for Aadhaar.

One thought on “Now Aadhar Card holder can act as guarantor

  1. myenrollment numberd is 1216/00142/0185
    my enrollment date is 29/06/2011
    enrollment agency: wep solution india limited.
    please help me get my aadhar card.
    its been over a year n i m really in need of it..!!!

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