Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) – LPG Subsidy Scheme: A Consumer Guide

What is the DBT-LPG Subsidy Scheme?

In this scheme a LPG consumer has to link his Aadhaar number with his bank account and LPG Consumer number. When consumer book for the refill of LPG cylinder, LPG subsidy is transferred into the Aadhaar linked bank account of the customer. Consumer then has to purchase the LPG cylinder at market price from the distributor. At present, a LPG consumer gets LPG subsidy on 9 cylinders per year. Successful implementation of this scheme throughout the country is expected to save Rs.9000 crore subsidy amount annually.

Is this scheme compulsory for every LPG consumer?

Government has started this scheme in 18 districts of the country from June 1 and has announced that the same would be implemented in 269 more districts by January 2014. It is mandatory for LPG consumers of the district (where the scheme has already been or will be implemented) to follow Government guidelines in order to get LPG subsidy. Those who do not obey these guidelines could be denied of LPG subsidy. However, Government also provides three months of grace period to LPG consumers to complete all the formalities failing to which will cost them in loosing LPG subsidy benefits.

What is the procedure followed by a LPG consumer to get subsidy?

To receive LPG subsidy directly into bank account through DBT scheme, LPG consumer must become Cash Transfer Complaint (CTC) consumer. To become a CTC consumer, LPG consumer has to complete following three processes:

  1. Get Aadhaar Number – To get Aadhaar number (UID), consumer has to enroll at an authorized enrollment centre. See our complete guide to Get Aadhaar Number.
  2. Link Aadhaar Number with LPG Consumer Number – Second step is to link your 12-digit Aadhaar Number with your LPG Consumer Number. See our complete guide to link Aadhaar number with LPG Consumer number.
  3. Link Aadhaar Number to your Bank Account – Last step is to link your Aadhaar Number with your Bank Account Number. See how to link Aadhaar Number with Bank Account.

Have you completed all these procedures correctly?

Once you have completed all the above processes successfully, it is time to check that you have done everything right and are therefore eligible for receiving LPG subsidy directly in your Aadhaar linked bank account. LPG consumers can check their Aadhaar linking status online by visiting their company’s transparency portal as mentioned below:

                IOCL LPG Consumers BPCL LPG Consumers HPCL LPG Consumers

If you find that your Aadhaar linkage status is complete then just sit with relax as next time you will receive subsidy directly in your bank account. If the status shows incomplete then look for the reason which has caused this and rectify it by following again the appropriate step of the above three described and recheck your status.

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