Banks raises security concerns over DBT scheme

At such a time when people and the government of the country are busy in the newer concept of establishing identification, there are also some hindrances in validating this new scheme. When the government is mulling over the expansion of Aadhaar based DBT scheme, it is also facing a stiff opposition from one of the major element which is also the main part of this ambitious program. And these elements which are challenging UID are banks which are no doubt the major aspect for a DBT like scheme. Group of some banks including the country’s largest bank State Bank of India (SBI) have shown objection on ending the present system for favouring UIDAI platform.

UIDAI issues Aadhaar number and it wants to use Aadhaar as the ID proof for transferring benefits of welfare schemes into the bank accounts of the beneficiaries. This opposition from the banks can affect the government’s dream of implementing this scheme in the country before the 2014 General election. Banks are demanding UIDAI to take the liability of fake IDs in order to implement this scheme. It means that if one complains that another person has withdrawn money from the account instead of the genuine person then UIDAI will be held responsible for that. Secondly, UIDAI is asking from banks to change the concerned system according to them so that an account holder can perform transactions through handheld machine of any banks similar to the transactions performed in ATMs. However, according to the banks this facility is not feasible because of security issues in the system.

Deputy CEO of Indian Banks Association (IBA) said that you will hardly see inter-operability in villages. While an official from SBI said that suppose we allow transactions into the account of someone through Aadhaar but the account holder later on says that someone else has done the transaction then who will be responsible for that? He added that because UIDAI establishes identification then it should also take the responsibility of muddle.

Despite opposition from the banks regarding the identification issues over Aadhaar, the Election Commission has some different thoughts. According to its latest orders those people who do not have voter ID card can use their Aadhar card for polling their votes in the upcoming Karnataka legislative elections. The smart card issued by the Registrar General of India under the National Population Register (NPR) can also be used for casting the votes.

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