Why Aadhar Card is becoming important?

With the passage of time, importance of Aadhar card has greatly increased as compared to what it was meant for at the time of its inception. With the new government’s willingness to continue the previous government’s ambitious Aadhaar project, the value of Aadhaar has drastically increased. In future, Aadhar card not only will be useful but also mandatory to avail benefits of various government schemes and services. Let us remind you about few very important uses of Aadhar card in our basic living life.

LPG Subsidy through Aadhaar – Government has started the PAHAL Scheme under which the subsidy amount of LPG cylinder is directly transferred into the Aadhaar number linked bank account of the consumer. Absence of Aadhar card can deprive the consumer from availing subsidy benefits on LPG cylinders.

Aadhar card must for Passport – Government has also recently ordered Aadhar card necessary for issuance of new Passport. You can be denied of Passport if you do not have your Aadhar card with you.

Aadhaar is Digital ID Proof – Aadhaar card will be identity proof of every individual in future. Since the details of Aadhar card holder are kept at secure online servers, the bio-metrically verified identity of an individual can be used to confirm the identity of its holder.

Aadhaar must for buying new vehicle – Andhra Pradesh government recently announced that Aadhar card will be necessary to buy any new vehicle in the state. It is also important for getting a driving license.

Use Aadhaar for new SIM Card – Government of India is mulling over a proposal to make Aadhar card necessary for purchasing new SIM cards. If this happens then you cannot buy a new SIM card without having Aadhar card.

Aadhaar vital for Government Employees – Modi government has proposed to bring Aadhar card into use to connect it with the attendance book of government employees.

Download Aadhar card Online – E-Aadhaar card download online facility has been provided by UIDAI to the enrollers. With the details printed on your acknowledgement slip, you can easily download your E-Aadhar card online.

Apart from the few above mentioned uses, Aadhaar card is already in use for various service across the country like in marriage registration, property registration, opening of bank account, applying for PAN card, applying for scholarship, distribution of food subsidies, payment of MGNREGA wages, admission in school/colleges, etc. So, a better idea is to enroll for Aadhar card if you have not already done that otherwise you could face a lot of problems in the future ahead. For any query, please browse our website and get your answers.

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