Aadhaar must for Admission in Schools & Colleges

Aadhar card is now mandatory for the students to take admission in school and colleges in Himachal Pradesh. The educational department has applied this system and along with government school and colleges, private institutes also come under its realm. According to the education department the schools and colleges have to make a column for Aadhaar number in the registration and admission form. Aadhaar number of each student will be recorded in this. The educational institutes have to implement this from the 2013-14 session so that at the time of entrance into the classroom the Aadhaar details of the student can be kept. Along with government and private schools, this order applies on colleges as well. Along with this the implementation will also be applied in Sanskrit colleges.

The director of education department said that the government and private educational institutes have to follow this. This decision has been taken by identifying the importance of Aadhar card. The institutes should finish the process before beginning of the session.

After the order from the central government the education department has asked for Aadhaar card from those students who take benefits from various scholarship schemes. Most of the students from schools and colleges do not have Aadhaar card due to which problems are arising in sending the details to the central government. However, since it is the first time, slackness is being seen in this. According to the rules of centre students can even be deprived of it if they do not have Aadhar card. Such problems do not occur in the future, the department has been preparing for it already.

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