Wrong Aadhaar details troubles postmen

The delivery of Aadhar cards has become a problem for the postal department in Chittorgarh, Rajasthan. Wrong name and address have become a hitch for the postman. Even after a lot of search postmen are unable to deliver the letters to their correct recipients. The cards are now merely increasing the weight of the postmen’s bags. The percentage of people interested in Aadhaar enrolment has gone up from the last 4-5 months many folds. From central government Aadhaar card are being sent to the people through postal department. But because of incorrect name and addresses they are compelled to keep the letters with them. The number of Aadhar card with postmen is increasing daily. The departmental employees say that about 10% name and addresses are wrong due to which they are forced to keep bundles of Aadhaar cards at home. Aadhar cards have not reached to the people even after 3 months of enrolment. Sources say that enroller does not inform about changing their house after enrolment.

The enrolment process will begin in the urban region of the Dabwali zone in Sirsa, Haryana. This work will begin in ward no. 1 and 7 in the next 2 days. SDM Subhash Syoran said that enrolment will be done in all the different wards. He asked people to bring ration card, bank account number and other valid documents at the enrolment camp so that no difficulty arises during the verification process. Besides that the Aadhaar card of the school students will be made at the school level and their enrolment form will be verified by the principals. Students have to bring a copy of ration card with them at the enrolment centre.

3 thoughts on “Wrong Aadhaar details troubles postmen

  1. dear sir,
    sub: yet not receive my & MY Family aadhaar card
    I am Devanand R Gondane. R/o AKOLA dist AKOLA .yet not i have receive my aadhaar card number a follow 1218/17319/60955 dated on
    17/12/2011, time 12:03:20 & MY Family adhar card no; 1218/17319/60956 dated on 17/12/2011, time 12:08:12
    So please send details on this number
    thanking you
    yours faithfully

  2. dear sir,
    sub: yet not receive my son aadhaar card
    I am p venket naik R/o of ranga reddy dist hyderabad
    yet not i have receive my (pathlavath rahul naik) son aadhaar card number a follow 2017/00165/00619 dated on
    25/07/2011, time11:54:19
    So please send details on this number
    thanking you
    yours faithfully

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