Why You Should Have Aadhaar Number?

In today’s time, Aadhar card has become one of the most important document. Aadhar card is not merely a Id and address proof but rather a tool through which you can finish off several works in the world of digital India. Aadhar card is your sufficient proof for KYC norms. Government is already using Aadhaar in delivering its services to needy people and is in process to bring more services under the umbrella of Aadhaar. Today we will tell you some points describing where Aadhaar is and can be used and that too quite easily.

  1. Open Bank Account – You need a new bank account, no worry, just provide your Aadhaar number there and you will have everything rest done automatically, yes, digitally.
  2. Receive LPG Subsidy – Link your Aadhaar number with your bank account and LPG consumer number and leave the rest for the government. You will receive LPG subsidy money transferred directly into your bank account. No need of any intermediary.
  3. Avail Digital Locker Facility – Government recently introduced digital locker facility to secure your important documents online. To access this facility, all you need is your Aadhaar number.
  4. Must in Provident Fund – Only those members will get their provident fund who have provided their Aadhaar card number to the organisation. Aadhaar has been made mandatory for PF account.
  5. Buy Insurance Policy – While buying an insurance policy online, just fill your Aadhaar number in the form field and all your details will be automatically fetched from the UIDAI servers. The company won’t even ask for any document from you then.
  6. Link with Voter Card – Government also want that people of the country should link their Aadhar card number with voter card as well so as to eliminate the situation where a person can vote at more than one place.
  7. Invest in Mutual Funds – With just your 12-digit Aadhar card number, you can invest in mutual fund online. You will not need to provide any further details about yourself as all the necessary details will be fetched from your Aadhaar linked data.
  8. PM Jan Dhan Yojana – Several crores of banks accounts were opened under this scheme merely by using Aadhar card. It is government’s intention to increase financial inclusion in the country.
  9. File IT Returns – Link your Aadhaar with PAN card and your efforts will be eliminated to a great extent.
  10. Apply for Passport – Many of you might not know that Aadhaar has been made mandatory for applying for Passport. Apply online for Passport and provide your Aadhaar number there and you will have your passport in 10 days in your hand.
  11. Receive Pension – Pensioners from various states and different departments have been asked to provide their Aadhaar number in order to continue receiving their benefits.
  12. Buy new Connection – Be it a mobile or landline or broadband, prepaid or postpaid, all you need is Aadhaar to get a new connection in your name.

Well these are few of the many uses where you can utilize your Aadhaar number. There are several other uses like in PDS, scholarships distribution, wage payments etc. So, apply for Aadhaar if you have done yet.

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