Unclaimed Aadhaar of people living on rent wandering on streets

Government began Aadhaar to establish address and identity of the people but in many regions no one is there to receive them after months of enrollment. The cards coming from Bangalore are carried by postmen in streets with the hope that there owner can be found. But no one is found even after months. Frustrated postman handled them to the regional RWA and few responsible person of the locality. Now there people are searching for people home-to-home but no one is ready to receive them. Finally these upset people have decided to handle these unclaimed Aadhaar letters to the regional SDM office to prevent any misuse of the letters.

Regional politicians are responsible behind this farrago. Under the system of enrollment regional legislator and municipal councilor can confirm the name and address on their letter pad. Political pressure and government orders later on forced the workers to enroll people coming with these letter pads. As a result of this there are thousands in Delhi only who were living on rent without having a permanent address and enrolled for Aadhaar card using these letter pads. Before prepared card can be delivered to their address they moved away to a different location due to some reasons and when the card came someone other is living there. Landlords who kept people on rent without police verification are not only accepting cards but also denying if someone really lived over there.

The Election Commission will take advantage of the Aadhaar number to detect any duplication of voters in Uttar Pradesh. An official said that they have started to collect Aadhaar number of the voters and update their database.

Enrollment camp has been setup at Bal Bharti School by Laxman Vihar RWA in Gurgaon, Haryana. This camp which started on 6 June will be in operation for 10 days. Secretary of Association said that aim of the camp is to facilitate people to enroll for Aadhaar easily.

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