Unbelievable! Lord Hanuman gets his Aadhar Card

Although Government of India considers Aadhaar to be one of the most ambitious and dream project, perhaps the government employees are not taking this concern seriously. We are not merely accusing associated workers with this project but we have another proof against them to prove their negligence and irresponsible behaviour. We have already heard a lot about irregularities in Aadhar card but this latest incident is both an irony and shame on how the concerned workers do their duties.

In this incident, Lord Hanuman has been issued Aadhar card by UIDAI with proper name, picture and father name. The enrollment ID of Lord Hanumanji Aadhar card is 1018/18252/01821 while the issued 12-digit unique Aadhar card number is 2094 7051 9541. In the space of photograph, a picture of God Hanumanji is printed while even his name is misprinted on his Aadhar card as ‘Hanumana Ji’ in English language while it is written correctly in Hindi language. The gender of him is mentioned obviously as male while his date of birth is written as 01/01/1959.

Hanumanji Aadhar Card

The address column is written as To, Hanuman Ji, S/O Pawan Ji and further details of a location in Sikar, Rajasthan. Postman is the one who is suffering the most with this Aadhar card as he does not understand where to deliver this Aadhar card. When postman opened the envelop after three idle days then he found Aadhar card in the name of Hanumanji along with proper details and mobile number. When he called on that phone number then it was found that the card belonged to a person named Vikas.

Vikas said that he was supervisor two years ago in an Aadhar card enrollment company and he himself applied for Aadhar card twice but his enrollment was cancelled on both the occasions by the authority. Vikas, however, said that he did not know how his telephone number was printed on that Aadhar card.

This all may sound very funny but it once again raises questions on the functioning of Aadhar card. From the operators who enroll people to the ones who supervises the rest of the job until printing of Aadhar card, all these comes under the circle of scrutiny and government definitely needs to take this matter seriously as this is all about the identity of a person.

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