UID in operation without legal confirmation

Parliament’s standing committee which has already shown mirror to UIDAI for irregularities in Aadhaar has said that there is no legal basis of UID authority and it is in function without formation of any legal act. The committee has, therefore, recommended the government to present the amended National Identification Authority Bill 2010 in the next session of the parliament. The committee has also demanded to know the number of Aadhar cards distributed by the UIDAI in the last 3 years. It has also asked to present a detailed report on solution of card related complaints and provision of punishment. The committee has also shown interest in knowing about the expenses from the government on every Aadhar card.

In its latest report the committee has said that even after passing of 15 months of our suggestion for passing the bill, the government has not presented it in the parliament. The committee is anxious because in the last three financial years about Rs. 2342 crore have been spent under this program while provision of Rs. 2620 crore is in the current fiscal year. The government should present bill on the basis of priority. The standing committee in its last report suggested government for review and reconsideration of the UID scheme. It also asked for presenting National Identification Authority 2010 bill with fresh amendments in the parliament. But till now the committee has not received any type of information regarding amendments in the bill.

Despite all these hindrances Nandan Nilekani feels that till 2014 about half of the country’s population would be having Aadhaar number. He also said that by the end of this year every third person of the country would be having possession of his/her Aadhaar number. He said about these predictions while addressing at a program in Washington. He added that our aim is to reach 40 crore mark by year end and there are 25000 to 30000 Aadhaar enrollments in operation in the country.

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