Two more Aadhaar enrollment centers in Fatehpur

The slow progress of Aadhaar enrollment in Fatehpur, Uttar Pradesh could not have been finished even in years. Seeing this administration gave green signal to setup two more centers to speed up the ongoing process and provide people with the Aadhar card. The progress of the situation can be determined by the fact that out of 3.5 lac population only 4000 people have completed the enrollment procedure. The engaged company Electronic Corporation of India has setup 15 machines at a centre even then the work could not be given pace. An official said that enrollment work will be done at three centers in the city for which school administration has been asked.

Although government has made Aadhar card mandatory for brining transparency but Aadhar card itself seems to be far away from transparency. Someone’s Aadhar card is being made in a month while other’s not generated even after years. There seems to be no boundary for mistakes in the Aadhar card. The status on the Aadhar card website is asking to wait for few more months as the application is under process. An official in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh said that Aadhar card of many people are arriving late. Enroller can wait for it or can re-enroll from the beginning for Aadhar card.

Furious staff members at Karari Panchayat in Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh went on a strike from Monday. The reason for their strike is the payment which they are deprived off. People who came for enrollment also got angry as they had to spend their whole day for no gain. Aadhaar enrollment work is underway in Karari Panchayat since a week. A dozen of company employees are working at the centre. On Monday these employees began their strike. They said that they have not been paid for over four months. They should get ten thousand rupees but they are only getting six thousand five hundred rupees. The halt of work is posing difficulty for people. They have to return empty handed by wasting their whole day. Supervisor Praveen said that payment of workers will be made soon.

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