Big Story: Supreme Court declares Aadhaar not mandatory for availing services

Supreme Court in an important judgment on Monday announced that Aadhar card is not mandatory for availing various schemes and services. Through this announcement the apex court of the country has jolted central government’s ambitious Aadhaar project as well as the Aadhaar based DBT scheme. Not only this, Supreme Court has also refused to accept Aadhar card as a valid ID proof for various government schemes. Besides this, enrolling for Aadhar card will no longer be mandatory for the people of this country. However, central government has itself accepted in the court that enrolling for Aadhaar is volunteer to people. Supreme Court also directed central and state government to ensure that no illegal immigrant gets Aadhaar number.

The apex court gave these directions during the hearing of a PIL. It declared that Aadhar card is not mandatory for essential services like LPG subsidy, telephone connection, etc. Earlier Aadhar card was made mandatory for various services which posed difficulties for those who did not have it. Government has already linked Aadhar card with its various services and in this case its statement that enrolling for Aadhaar is person’s interest depended raises some questions on it. The court added that Aadhaar should remain a clean volunteer based project. The PIL on which SC announced its decision wanted to stop this scheme as it claimed that through Aadhaar government is collecting private information of people which is a violation of the radical fundamental rights.

Aadhaar is an ambitious scheme of UPA-2 which is being implemented in the country under the leadership of Nandan Nilekani. Earlier it was announced by the government that the LPG subsidy will be transferred into the Aadhaar linked bank account of the LPG consumer. The consumer will have to purchase the LPG cylinder from the dealer at market price. The most confusing situation was on the LPG subsidy issue which now has gone clear.

2 thoughts on “Big Story: Supreme Court declares Aadhaar not mandatory for availing services

  1. Yes Mr.Chandrashekhar you are absolutely right, this is just waste of our time and the government employee’s time, as it is they don’t have any work so this is work generated. These people are trying our patience, I had been to the post office for Aadhaar Card enrolment at 5 in the morning and there were already 50 people waiting in queue they had come before me. My neighbour received three Aadhaar cards, same name and number and there are people who had applied in 2011 but have still not received it, this is their efficiency. These people are adding pain to our already troubled life due to high inflation. I don’t understand who is better, whoever rules its going to be all the same.

  2. Hi,

    Aadhar card is just a waste of tax payers money.

    How many politicians have enrolled for Aadhar? Are they not to be covered. If so, How many politicians have enrolled themselves for Aadhar.

    Have Sonia Gandhi & Manmohan Singh enrolled for Aadhar card?

    Will you please take pains to clarify.


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