Special camp for media persons in Delhi on 4th and 5th August

Delhi Journalist Association (DJA) and Indraprastha Press Club of India (IPC) in association with Indian Medical Association (IMA) will conduct a special camp on 4th and 5th August to enroll media persons for Aadhar card and voter card. This camp will operate at IMA headquarter from 10 AM to 5 PM on both the days. A DJA official told that media persons have to come along with address proof and 2 photographs. Delhiā€™s chief election commissioner Vijay Dev will inaugurate the camp. Before this DJA and IPC have also conducted camps for media persons for making driving license and other purpose.

Aadhaar enrollment team which was alleged to be charging illegal money from the people and making mistakes in Aadhar card of people of villages of Mand Ibrahimwala and Mand Talwandi in Nadala, Punjab ran away leaving behind the enrollment work in midway. SDM is conducting investigation because concerned officials have no information about that team. When journalists queried about this to the concerned officials then they came to know that the team was fake. DFC and SDM ordered investigation into the matter but even after 36 years there is no clue of the team. Population of these two villages is about 1000. According to the people the team had collected more than Rs. 50000 from them. Team was deliberately putting wrong names of the villages. People have demanded to investigate this and begin enrollment from the beginning.

Annoyed villagers of Mau, Chitrakoot , UP beat staff members after a scuffle with them. Police have registered FIR against many unknown people. Aadhaar enrollment of villagers is being done at Tehsil premises of Mau. People of Tiloli village were being enrolled on Thursday. It is being told that three people did not have complete document proof but were still forcing the employees to enroll them quickly due to which a quarrel began between them. The situation got worse and those three people along with their fellow mates started beating employees Dileep Singh, Anil Singh and Raju.

A chaos was observed on the final day of Aadhaar enrollment as a result of heavy crowd gathered at the camp in Chandauli, Uttar Pradesh. The situation was that enrollment form was not available for majority of the people. Some people got the form somehow but because of laxity of staff few did not get receipt while few were handed receipt of others name and photo. This happened to a dozen of people. Many had to return empty handed. Supervisor was also absent from that place. People looked very furious and returned back without doing the enrollment.

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