Special camp for media persons fuels anger among opponents

Responsibility taken by Delhi Journalist Association (DJA) to enroll media persons for Aadhar card has become a burning issue. Citizen Forum for Civil Liberties (CFCL) which calls Aadhar card a conspiracy of foreign companies has opposed this initiative of DJA and has said that journalists who should oppose Aadhar card are going for their own Aadhar card enrollment. This is ironical. DJA recently took a decision to take an initiative so that media persons can get some relief in their everyday life. In city like Delhi the work of making license, voter card, etc of media persons delays for years due to lack of time. DJA is running a special camp for media persons for Aadhaar enrollment and voter card on 4th and 5th August in Delhi. But as soon as the group opposing Aadhar card came to know about this, they opposed it and also wrote a letter to Press Council of India (PCI) claiming it a deception with journalism.

The letter to chairman of PCI calls this initiative as immoral and illegal. CFCL has been against Aadhar card in past as well. Forum says that this is government theft on the privacy of the nation’s citizen. The way, in which fingerprints and photograph are taken for Aadhaar enrollment, it is usually taken of prisoners. It is called biometric test but which is very dangerous from human’s privacy point of view. Besides the way corporate lobby is working on this programme also raises few questions on the Aadhaar project. However DJF officials are denying that they are deliberately exposing privacy of media persons. An official said that now Aadhar card has been made so mandatory that no work can be done without it. We are not against it’s oppose and camp has been organized for facility only. No one is being forced to enroll for Aadhaar.

Villagers of Falodara village in Dungla handed over a memorandum to Tehsildar of Dungla for complaining to chief minister and Rajasthan government for charging Rs.10 for Aadhar card enrollment form. According to the memorandum, staff of camp running in government school of the village is charging Rs.10 for a form since the last three days. About 700 villagers of the region have enrolled for Aadhaar. Government scheme is being misused. The staff is saying that government has made a rule to charge Rs.10 for enrollment form from the people. There is only one machine in the village and the villagers say that crowd gathers at the camp. Government have arranged free of cost facility for the form. Villagers have demanded CM to setup machines according to rules. If investigation is not done then villagers will launch a movement.

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