Shortage of availability of Aadhaar database prior to DCT launch

The government is looking forward towards the launch of its ambitious Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer scheme in New Year but there is a hurdle of shortage of availability of Aadhaar database in the 43 districts where the first phase of the scheme will be implemented. The cash will be directly transferred into the bank accounts of the beneficiary through this scheme. The central government has decided to implement this in 43 districts in 16 different states in the first phase from January 1, 2013.

 The sources have reported that there is a shortage of Aadhar card database in these districts especially very few people from the rural areas have their Aadhar cards. According to the sources most of those who have Aadhaar number do not have them linked with their bank account. Analyzing this problem, the government has sent senior officials in these districts to examine the preparation for the DCT launch. The government has already confirmed that DCT will work for only those who have their Aadhaar number linked with their bank account. The sources says that only 25% beneficiaries have this type of verified database and the state governments are doing their best efforts to speed up this process. The first phase will include 34 different programs.

The Planning Commission had recently issued a circular to those 16 states which are part of the first phase implementation. They have been asked to ensure that all the beneficiaries have their Aadhar no. and it must be linked to their bank account. Earlier the government was looking to implement the scheme in 51 districts in the first phase but was later reduced to 43 districts because of the recent Legislative elections in Gujarat and Himachal Pradesh. Shockingly, sources said that 80% of the urban population in these districts have Aadhar card while this is just 5% in rural areas.

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