Separate Aadhar card camps for gas consumers in Lucknow

LPG gas customers in Lucknow disturbed by DBTL scheme will get relief soon. District administration has decided to make Aadhaar Card of customers to provide reduced rate subsidized gas cylinders by setting up separate enrollment camps. With the help of these camps Aadhaar Card will be prepared on the basis of gas agencies customers’ numbers after biometric registration by a prominent vendor company. Aadhaar Card of only domestic gas customers will be prepared at these camps so that Aadhar Card of all gas customers could be prepared and linked with LPG consumer number and bank account within the deadline date as specified by the Petroleum ministry. This information was given by Nodal Officer and ADM Account & Revenue Sri Sanjay Singh Yadav on Saturday. The motive of providing relief to 8.72 lacs LPG customers connected with three main oil companies registered in district could be completed through these camps. Functioning of these special camps of biometric registration and Aadhar Card enrollment will be done by Karvi Company In the vigilance of Supply Department and UID.

Complete details of gas consumers’ numbers have been prepared for arranging these camps. On basis of this collected information, location of camps will be decided. A camp will be arranged for a minimum of five and maximum of 10 gas agencies’ customers of a local area for Aadhar Card enrollment. For DBTL, the compulsion of linking bank account with Aadhar card will be completed at any cost within the specified time frame so that because of merely not having Aadhar card, consumers are not denied of benefits of the DBTL scheme. At present the work of Biometric registration & preparation of Aadhaar Card of gas customers at NPR camps was looking impossible in stipulated time at the camps arranged by Municipal corporation and Census Department. Due to this reason a meeting was organized at the office of the principle secretary of food and the decision was taken to arrange camps separately for giving relief to gas customers under DBTL scheme.

Gas subsidy starts reaching in bank accounts in Etah and Kasganj

Those customers, who have linked their Aadhaar Card with Gas agency and bank account, have started receiving gas subsidy directly in their bank account. With this gas customers have got a relief in New Year. All gas consumers have been given a time period till 31st March to submit their Aadhar card after getting it. Customers are in trouble for depositing their Aadhaar Card after getting them to get subsidy from agencies. Seeing at the numbers of received Aadhar card in comparison to the numbers of gas connection and looking at consumer’s problems, the date for linking Aadhar card with bank account and gas agency has been extended till 31st March. In between, the subsidy amount has started reaching into the bank accounts those customers who have linked their Aadhar Card with gas agency & bank account. Many customers said that subsidy of Rs.837 has reached into their bank account under DBTL scheme. Because of this, interest has also increased among other gas consumers. People are happy after getting subsidy in their bank accounts. Customers say that problems of LPG will be resolved through this beneficial scheme started by the government.

95% Bhopal population covered under Aadhaar

Only 5% people are left in the Bhopal district for Aadhar card enrolment. A UIDAI official said that 95% people have been issued Aadhaar numbers so far in the District. UID project’s state coordinator Sri Rakesh Munshi told that 18.5 lacs people have been issued Aadhaar numbers in Bhopal District. More than 22 lacs people have registered for Aadhaar card out of a total of population 23.7 lacs in the district. Presently non-state registrar agencies are working for Aadhaar in the district. Munshi told that 4.0025 crore people have been issued Aadhaar numbers in the state while 4.80 crore people have enrolled for it across the state. Aadhaar numbers were issued to only 2 crore people till March 2013 in the state. With 4.8 crore Aadhaar enrolment, Madhya Pradesh is at the fourth place. Running at number five position, Tamil Nadu has jumped to cross over MP and reach at the third position. Maharashtra still holds the number one position followed by Andhra Pradesh at number two.

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