Security Guard at each Aadhaar enrollment centre

The BMC has got alerted after an incident last week in BMC School in Shivaji Nagar. The administration has decided to appoint security guard at the enrollment centers setup in their schools. Additional Municipal Commissioner Mohan Artani said that the accused person came for Aadhaar enrollment last week. He added that after the incident we have decided to appoint security guard at the enrollment centre. The agency responsible for enrollment will appoint 2 security guards at each centre.

The news from Jalandhar, Punjab is that some of the employees also charges fee from people for enrolling them for Aadhaar. The allegations are that they charges people for enrollment form and also if enroller does not have ID proof. This is illegal because the government has clearly said that no fees will be charged at any stage from the people for obtaining their Aadhaar.  Recently it was heard that a retailer nearby an enrollment camp was selling Aadhaar enrollment form for Rs. 10 each. But the surprising fact is that it has also come in the news that the employees have gathered lots of money from the people belonging to labour class in the villages. A person complained that since he was a citizen of Nepal and for not having valid documents he paid Rs. 400 to the employees for his enrollment. Many other people have also complained of paying fees for Aadhaar enrollment.

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