Post Office Pension A/c to be linked with Aadhar Card

Pensioners having their accounts in post offices will soon be provided with the facility to link their Aadhaar number. Earlier, post offices lacked the facility to enable pensioners link their Aadhaar number with savings account in postal offices. A decision on this was taken last week after a meeting of government officials and representatives of pensioners associations.

Pensioner Associations had raised their concern that person withdrawing pension from post offices did not have the facility to link their Aadhaar number with their savings account. Associations have been assured by the concerned ministry that a talk regarding this will be conducted with the postal department. One fact concluded from the meeting was that Aadhaar numbers could not be linked with the savings account because majority of the people in north-eastern states do not have Aadhar card.

A decision was taken to educate UIDAI about the progress of Aadhaar enrollment in north-eastern states and ask them to speed up the progress in seven sisters states. Central government has about 58 lakh pensioners.

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