PM should answer questions on Aadhar Card: Narendra Modi

BJP’s PM candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabh elections and chief minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi raised questions on UPA for big expenditure on Aadhaar project. He was addressing at the BJP’s rally in Tamil Nadu on Friday. Modi said that expenditure of such a big scale gives smell of corruption. He also made fun of UPA government’s claims on Aadhar card project and said congressmen are dancing as if it is a treatment of all the illnesses. With Supreme Court’s behavior towards centre, people are asking Prime Minister about the expenditure and who will reveal all this? While addressing the BJP Youth Rally he said, “Prime Minister should answer on this that how much money was spent on this, where the whole money gone and who gained benefits through it”. He added that they only want to do things where there is corruption. They have no interest in public benefits. While discussing Supreme Court’s order on mandating Aadhaar for various services issue, he said that he has been requesting for discussing about UID in National Security Council but no attention is being paid on this.

Another top BJP leader Yashwant Sinha also accused government for creating confusion about Aadhar card. He asked why government is quiet on giving legal status to UIDAI through new bill. He added that it has been two years since the submission of the standing committee report to the government. Few suggestions regarding Aadhar card project were given but no work has been done in this regard. The head of the standing committee on finance Yashwant Sinha said that government is trying to create confusion among people regarding Aadhar card. He also said that Parliament committee rejected the National Identification Authority Bill 2010 on 13 December 2011. At that time that bill was sent to them from Rajya Sabha.

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