Planning Commission's circular to DMs regarding Aadhaar based DCT launch

The Planning Commission (PC) on behalf of Central Government has directed the officials of 43 districts for the roll out the Direct Cash Transfer (DCT) scheme, to make sure that every beneficiary has his/her  Aadhaar number before the launch on New Year. The circular issued to the District Magistrates by the PC directs the steps to be taken in the regions where the Aadhaar based DCT scheme will be launched in the first phase on January 1.

The circular clears it that very firstly you have to ensure that every beneficiary of this scheme has an Aadhaar number by the end of this month. The DM of a district will be responsible to confirm the arrangement of action to begin for the implementation of the scheme. The PC has also sketched out some essential steps to be taken before the launch of the scheme mainly focusing on DB digitization.

The circular stated that the authorities will have to enroll those who do not have an Aadhaar number and those who already have their Aadhaar number, it will be linked with their bank account. Beneficiaries not having a bank account need to open one to get access to the various government services. Their bank account will be linked with their Aadhaar number. There is a need to hold a crusade to make people aware about this and to encourage them for participating in this government implementation.

The central government has stated earlier that it will launch the Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer scheme in some 51 districts in the first phase and will expand gradually in the whole nation.

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