Pension through DBT in all states by year end

Jairam Ramesh, Union Rural Development Minister, said that pension to the beneficiary under various schemes will be provided through the Aadhaar based direct benefit transfer (DBT) scheme in all the states of the country. He said this implementation will be achieved before beginning of 2014. He added that a rise of 5.3 crore from the present 2.7 crore to 8 crore will be seen in the number of beneficiaries of various pension schemes like old-age, widow, disability, etc.

P Chidambaram, Finance Minister, said that banks have to play a crucial role in the successful implementation of the direct cash transfer scheme. He showed his belief that there will be an ATM installed at each of the bank branch of the public sector banks by 31st March 2014. He also welcomed public sector insurance companies to setup their branches in towns and smaller cities as well.

25 new Aadhar card enrollment camps will be setup in the Mysore district of Andhra Pradesh. The population of Mysore is somewhat close to 2.9 million and from that about 2.6 million people have received their Aadhaar letters. This information was given by the Chief Executive Officer, Center for e-governance. The Aadhaar linked LPG subsidy is yet to be implemented through the DBT scheme in the district.

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