No LPG Subsidy After 30th November 2016 without Aadhar Card

If you want to continue receiving LPG subsidy in your bank account then please ensure that you submit your Aadhar card number to your LPG distributor as early as 30th November 2016. If you do not link your Aadhar card with LPG connection, then you will no longer be able to continue receiving the LPG subsidy. Government has made Aadhar card mandatory for LPG subsidy and has set a deadline of 30th November 2016 after which subsidy of those LPG consumers will be stopped who have not linked Aadhar card with their LPG connection and bank account.

No Subsidy Without Aadhar Card

At present, government is offering 12 subsidised LPG cylinders per year to consumers. Consumers have to pay market price for refill of LPG cylinder while the subsidy amount gets transferred into their Aadhar card linked bank account. Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has issued guidelines to all oil companies in this regard. This way consumers who do not have Aadhar card yet have two months of time to apply for and get Aadhar card on time. Government has informed that those who will not have their LPG connection linked with Aadhar card number will be automatically debarred from availing any kind of LPG subsidy.

Out of the 17 crore LPG consumers in the country, 2.5 crore LPG consumers are still without Aadhar card linked to their LPG connection. However, consumers from Assam, Meghalaya and Jammu & Kashmir states have been exempted for this deadline period. This rule will not be applicable to LPG consumers of these three states. LPG consumers from all the remaining states and union territories will fall under this new regulation.

Government started this scheme of linking Aadhar card with LPG connection back in 2015 when the number of LPG consumers in the country was about 21 crore. Benefit of this scheme is that about 3 crore fake LPG connections have been terminated or cancelled thereby saving government crores of money which they spent on providing LPG subsidy to these bogus LPG consumers. About 1.5 crore LPG consumers voluntarily gave up their subsidy benefits. Those consumers who have more than Rs. 10 lakh annual income have also been exempted from providing any kind of LPG subsidy by the government. Consumers can avail LPG subsidy 12 times a year.

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