No Aadhar card even after a year in Shimla

The card giving unique identity to the people is not able to reach to the people in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh. There are lacs of people in the state who have completed all the processes required for Aadhar card but the Aadhar card still to be received. People have to wait for a long time for this. There are also many people who have enrolled more than a year ago but still eagerly waiting for it. Neither E-Aadhar card has been prepared nor the normal card of lacs people who enrolled before 1st April 2012. People are not giving up their visits to enrollment centre where they have enrolled. Here they find the response that their Aadhar card after making has been sent to Bangalore. They do not have any information about further processing. People are handed toll-free number to file a complaint.

According to the people Aadhar card is not sent even after filing complaint. Company gives the assurance of giving Aadhaar card in minimum time but the real situation is totally different. According to the sources the Aadhar card of the chief minister was prepared within 4 days by the company. Opposite to this people have no Aadhar card even after a year of enrollment. Company comments that the work of VIPs is done according to the priority. According to the sources the data of Aadhar card enrolled from August to September 2012 is not opening up. The company is now developing special software to access it. If the data does not open then enroller of that period might need to re-enroll for Aadhar card. Company resource person Anupam Rathore said that those who have not got Aadhar card can contact the centre or can call on the toll-free number.

According to the sources Aadhar card lies in the post-offices for long time. They are not sent at the postal addresses of the people. At one post office in the capital about 30000 Aadhar cards are lying for sending. Nobody knows why these are not sent. There are also many card on which wrong address is printed.

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