New ATMs to be setup by the state-run Banks

After the government’s direction to install new ATMs to ensure banking facility to the beneficiary of the Aadhar based Direct Cash Transfer scheme all set to be launched on 1 January 2013, the state-run banks are ready to setup 5000 new ATMs in the 51 districts where the DCT scheme will be implemented in the first phase from New Year. The first phase of the scheme will include 34 different schemes sponsored by the central government which is expected to be launched from January 1.

An official from Finance Ministry said that the installation of ATMs will facilitate the beneficiary to easily access the services and also it will reduce the burden from the banks of handling so many transactions. Till September there were 34916 onsite ATMs of the state-run banks and they are also planning to setup 20 lakh Point-of-sale (POS) countrywide. The UIDAI is planning to install 1 core micro-ATMs @ Rs.15000 each costing to a total of Rs. 1.5k crore. According to the banks, the center of attention should be to open bank accounts and not the use of technology for providing services. Presently, there are about 59% families in the county which access banking services. Earlier the government asked the banks to setup their branches or business correspondents (BCs) in the population 1 to 1.5 thousand people. Where there are no BCs, there will be Common Service Centres (CSCs) to act as the BCs.

In Bhopal, special Aadhaar enrollment camps will be setup in schools and colleges to enroll about 5 lakh students from 15 January 2013. The UIDAI has recently directed the State Planning Commission regarding this.  The UIDAI has directed to setup enrollment centers in educational institutes in the state for quickly enrolling the students. It is known that the work of enrollment is being done since last two years but because of its slow speed only 20% of the people have enrolled for Aadhar card. In the second phase, because of failure of postal department for not deciding the enrollment agencies the work of enrollment is backward in the capital. However, from the last 2 months the agencies appointed by 3 nationalized and one private bank are enrolling people at various locations. Many students have got their Aadhar card while many others have enrolled for their Aadhaar numbers. Rakesh Munshi, Advisor, State Planning Commission said that after the directions from the UIDAI we have talked with the officials of the enrollment agencies to speed up the process and finish it as early as possible.

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