Need more clarity over Aadhar Card : RBI Governor

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has raised his voice in support of the controversial Aadhar Card. Rajan has come forward at such time when the Supreme Court has limited the use of Aadhar Card. He said that Aadhar card can help a deserving in taking loan and prevent leakage in the cycle.

He has also requested the apex court for a clearer status on this issue. Rajan said. “We need more clarity on this issue especially after Supreme Court’s latest order in which it has been said that Aadhar card is not compulsory for availing benefits. Court’s intention is not to be a hindrance in the voluntary use of Aadhar card”.

Aadhar Card RBI

Relating with his American experience he said, “We need to learn from the experiences like Social Security Number (SSN). Keeping in mind the resources spent by Nandan’s UIDAI for a universal unique identity card in India, it will be very galling if its use is prohibited in the country”. He added that without Aadhar card a lending firm can give more debt to the one who has already taken a loan. Borrower can tell wrong name and address. But with Aadhar card this situation can be handled.

Supreme Court in its 11th August 2015 order stated that Aadhar card cannot be made mandatory for availing government schemes’ benefits. SC has handed over all such related cases to a constitutional bench. Raghuram Rajan cleared that SC’s order does not prevent the use of voluntary use of Aadhar card. He concluded that more clarification is necessary to make this project a successful one.

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