NDA govt preferring NPR card over Aadhar card

NDA and the present government could give preference to National Population Register (NPR) over the Aadhaar project. A scheme to give cards to people under NPR could also be launched. Till now Aadhar card is being issued as I-card and doubt whether to issue card under NPR scheme should be given or not has been existing since the time of UPA government. According to sources, Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh wants that cards should be given to the public under NPR scheme. LK Advani previously encouraged this ambitious scheme in NDA government. During a review meeting on progress of the scheme Rajnath clearly said that every step will be taken to properly implement this scheme. He ordered to prepare such database which includes birth and death registration of every person. Issuing card under NPR will raise concerns over future of Aadhaar.

During the reign of UPA government as well, there were confronts between P Chidambaram and Nandan Nilekani over the same issue. P Chidamabram was in favour of NPR while Nandan Nilekani was supporting Aadhaar. There have been consistent questions and challenges for Aadhaar in different report since its inception. Rajnaths Singh’s preference for NPR card over Aadhar card gives clear indications that the new NDA government is more serious towards NPR than the Aadhar card. Whatever happens in the near future but one thing which looks definite is that Aadhaar and its future looks fading after being surrounded by problems from different areas. In case Aadhaar project is halted then it will be the public of this country which will be most angry on the conclusion because these are those people who have waited in queue for longs for their turns to enroll for Aadhaar and have faced countless problems to obtain their Aadhaar number.

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