Misappropriation of land in the name of Aadhar Card

Chittorgarh (Rajasthan): Recently a matter of forgery has become a topic of huge discussion in the district. The matter is about misappropriation of 14.5 Beegha (a unit to measure land area) from an old person in the name of Aadhar card enrollment. The person who is reported to be forged by his close relatives died in November last year. Now, two married daughters of that person are wandering for their rights and accusing that alleged persons have also taken possession of their priceless shops but still police is not investigating at administrative level.

Govardhanlal Ahir of Padampura, Mangalwaad died on 5th November at the age of 75 leaving his wife Varjubai Ahir alone. She has no son but two married daughters. Earlier, Chunnilal took his uncle to Dungra tehsil on 7th September by misguiding him to make his Aadhar card necessary for his pension. Aadhar card got made but in this process he also took his signatures on other legal papers to transfer Govardhanlal’s 14.5 Beegha agricultural land to his name. Later, when Govardhanlal came to know about this he wrote a will to nominate both of his daughters Kanku Bai and Nirmala Bai for his property. After 10 days Govardhan died on 4th November.

An interesting fact revealed during the investigation is that the Aadhar card enrollment time printed on EID receipt is 7:25 pm on 7th September 2015. Question arises from this fact is why that old man was brought to tehsil after sunset. Registry paper transferring land ownership from Govardhanlal to Chunnilal also consist the same date i.e., 7th September 2015.

Govardhanlal’s daughter showed document proofs to police like the electricity bill on his name, village panchayat receipt of 1985 and few other valid documents but still police took no interest to look into this matter. Accused Chunnilal is a retired person from tehsil and is working as TRA in tehsil at the moment. Two witnesses for the registry are also employees of the same tehsil.

Varjubai and her daughters told that Govardhanlal also had two shops on Udaipur road in Mangalwaad. After his death three men including Chunnilal also took possession of those shops by throwing tenants out on 28th November 2015. Varjubai’s family survival depends on the rent from those shops and now their food fulfillment is also in danger.

“However, none of the tenant said that they were forced to leave the shop and they left those shops on their own. Villagers say that Govardhanlal adopted Chunnilal as his son. Chunnilal wore the turban after his uncle’s death. There was always a good relations between Chunnilal and that family. Everything happened with mutual consent. Later, a dispute happened but this matter is not a case of forgery”, said Bhagwan Lal, SHO Mangalwaad.

Yogendra Kumar Jain, Tehsildaar Dungra, said ”Nothing wrong happened in this case. Govardhanlal himself came to tehsil with his nephew Chunnilal and completed the registry procedure in his full sense. Everything happened during office hours and not in dark night. As far as two witnesses are concerned, nothing is wrong with them as well as anyone can become a witness.”

Both the daughter also went to Patwari to show their father’s will but Patwari did not agree with them. Daughters have now taken stay on that property.

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