Mee Seva centre to be used for enrollment in AP

News from Nellore, Andhra Pradesh is that people can now check their Aadhar card status by visiting any e-Seva centre and paying a fee of Rs. 25 for it. If you have lost your enrolment number then you can still check the status by giving your address details. If Aadhaar number has been allotted to you then you will be told your 12-digit Aadhaar number which you can note somewhere and give it wherever it is required. Other News from the state is that the IT department of the state will use the Mee Seva centre for Aadhar card enrolment.

Seeing the slow progress, people coming for enrolment broke the doors of the support centre on Tuesday in Barnala, Punjab. Two children also suffered minor injuries due to pushing of the crowd. Lakhvir Kaur who came for enrolment along with two children at 8 am and got the coupon but even till 3 pm her number did not come for Aadhaar enrolment. Similarly Karmjeet Kaur and other ladies told that they came from village Theekri Wala without having breakfast. They said that the numbers of workers is less and this is why the centre is buzzing. 350 coupons are given daily by the centre and the enrolment is being done only according to the coupon number. The distribution of coupons begins at 9 am and the coupons finish only within 1 hour. After that people wander for coupons.

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