Mayawati,Tripura opposes DCT scheme

Bahujan Samaj Party chairperson Mayawati has accussed the central government’s Aadhaar based Direct Cash Transfer scheme and allegedly said that this is a way of the UPA to attract voters of the county as a part of their strategy for 2014 Lok Sabha elections. Former CM of UP said that there is nothing new in this scheme and it just like a “new cover to an old book”. Mayawati added that the government should focus on important issues of the country. She also accused the SP government of the state for improper functioning of laws within the state.

Meanwhile, the scheme could not be launched in Punjab because of the deadline missed by the state as set for them by the government. The launch in January includes three districts of the state but because of incomplete enrollments the scheme could not be implemented in the state. An official said that the scheme will now be launched from 10 January after complete enrollment in these districts.

Though the scheme is launched in many states, Tripura government, however, opposed the scheme arguing that the banking facility is not available in many villages in the state. An official said that there are about 1000 villages in the state while there are only about 100 branches of banks. He added that there are very few ATMs installed especially in the rural areas.

Members of National Federation of Indian Women (NFIM) also showed their opposition against the direct cash transfer scheme. One of the member said that this scheme will minimize transparency and will give birth to many social problems. She added that there can also be a misuse of the cash transferred by the government to the account of the beneficiary.

Unlike these, the Delhi government has made Aadhar card compulsory to access various services in the state.

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