LPG Subsidy of millions held for not linking Aadhar card

LPG subsidy of millions of consumers has been held as they have failed to link their Aadhar card with their gas account within the final deadline date. Government and oil companies have already informed LPG consumers about the deadline date for linking their Aadhar card with bank account and consumer gas account number. As a result, with the sunrise of the New Year, consumers booking for the refill of their LPG cylinders without linking their Aadhar card number will no longer receive subsidy benefit amount transferred into their bank account.

LPG Subsidy of 1 lakh consumers to end in Ghaziabad

Ghaziabad (UP): Central government has announced that LPG consumers having taxable income of more than Rs. 10 lakh are ineligible for subsidy benefits and hence they will not get LPG subsidy in their bank account. This order from the government will affect 1 lakh LPG consumers in Ghaziabad. Officials from District Supply Department (DSD) have said these people have taxable income of more than Rs. 10 lakh. According to DSD report, Aadhar card of 6,20,691 out of 7,21,515 LPG consumers have linked their bank account. Out of these 57% are those consumers have linked both Aadhar card and bank account. According to stats, 1.30 lakh LPG consumers have annual income of more than Rs. 10 lakh. About 25000 consumers have given up their LPG subsidy on their own.

LPG Subsidy of 1.9 lakh halted in Bhopal

Bhopal (MP): Similarly in Bhopal, about 40000 LPG consumers’ subsidy will also come to an end following the new regulations. LPG cylinder is costing Rs. 471.30 after a subsidy benefit of Rs. 195.70 in Bhopal. Open market price of a LPG cylinder is Rs. 667. About 1.50 lakh consumers in the capital of Madhya Pradesh have not linked their gas connection with both Aadhar card and bank account. These consumers will also not receive LPG subsidy in their bank account following the deadline date of 31st December 2015 for linking both Aadhar card and bank account number with consumer gas number. Agency operators are informing consumers and sending them forms to submit Aadhar card and bank account details as early as possible. Consumers can also dial toll free number 1800-2333-555 for linking their Aadhar card with consumer number.

20% Consumers miss subsidy in Shivpuri

Shivpuri (MP): More than 20% of LPG consumers have not linked their gas account with Aadhar card and bank account yet in Shivpuri. These consumers will lose on subsidy benefits amounting to Rs. 240.56 forcing them to buy a cylinder for Rs. 722.50. There are about 10000 such consumers who are missing LPG subsidy from New Year. Such consumers need to submit photocopies of Aadhar card and bank passbook to their gas dealer. They also have to submit Aadhar card photocopy to their bank branch to add their Aadhar card number to their bank account. There are 40000 LPG consumers in Shivpuri serviced by four agencies.

35000 Consumers in Bhind failed to link Aadhar Card

Bhind (MP): Even after so much of encouragement and advertisement, 35000 LPG consumers in the district including 8000 in the city only have not linked their Aadhar card with gas account. As a result, agency operators are worried that these consumers will trouble them for not receiving subsidy benefits. There are five agencies servicing 45000 people in the district headquarter. There are a total of 25 gas agencies in the entire district servicing 1.5 lakh LPG consumers. Consumers also complain that Aadhar card are not being made. Consumers from rural areas having connection with urban gas dealers commenting that they do not know about the Aadhar card centers in Bhind. Senior citizen consumers are facing problem in Aadhar card enrollment as they are unable to properly give their fingerprints scan.

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