LPG-DBT scheme in Faridabad likely from November 1

Aadhar card based LPG-DBT scheme is going to be implemented in Faridabad district of Haryana from November 1. Gas agencies have also setup Aadhar card enrollment facility in their premises. Aadhaar numbers of LPG consumers are also being linked with their bank account for directly transferring their subsidy amount. District administration has also urged people to link their Aadhaar number with bank account and LPG consumer number. District Collector Balraj Singh said that Aadhaar enrollment facility will also be provided by the gas agencies to quickly enroll people of the district.

However, seeding Aadhaar statistics in the district are really disappointing. Till now only 3% consumers have successfully seeded their Aadhaar numbers. About 64% people in the district have been issued Aadhaar number. Supreme Court’s decision on Aadhar card has brought decline in people interest in Aadhaar enrollment. DC also attended a meeting with bank officials and gas agencies representatives on slow progress of Aadhar card seeding on Friday. Mobile numbers of gas agencies distributors have also been made public to assist people in case of any difficulty.

No LPG subsidy after DBT scheme in Chandigarh

Even after the launch of LPG-DBT subsidy scheme in Chandigarh, people have to pay Rs. 1028 for a LPG cylinder as the Rs. 600 subsidy amount is not reaching in consumer’s Aadhaar linked bank account. The scheme was implemented in the district from October 1 but since then it has been only posing troubles for the people. People are also in a dilemma after Supreme Court’s verdict on Aadhaar. However, oil companies are saying that subsidy benefit is given to those people whose Aadhaar numbers are linked with their bank accounts.

RTO Indore approves Aadhar card as a document proof

Aadhar card finally got affiliation after three days of confusion in RTO Office, Indore. Aadhar card can now be used as ID and address proof. It will be most beneficial in license and registration. Actually, someone delivered Central Transport Ministry’ order to RTO. The order describes Aadhar card as a valid proof for ID and address proof. Order date is printed as 24 August 2013. The office will now accept Aadhaar as a valid document proof.

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