Link Aadhaar with Ration Card to get Ration

Alwar (Rajasthan): About 1.5 lakh district consumers availing benefits under Food Security and other schemes through Public Distribution System (PDS) are facing crisis for ration. If such consumers do not link their Aadhar card with ration card then they may be deprived of monthly subsidized ration delivery. Actually, distribution of ration in the district will soon be done by Point of Sale (POS) machines. For this, POS machines have been started to be delivered at ration shops.

About 400 such machines have already been installed in various parts of the district. According to the department, consumers will get their ration only after biometric verification. Consumers’ fingerprint scan will be taken to facilitate biometric procedures. And consumer will get subsidized ration only after matching of their fingerprints.

How to link Aadhar Card with Ration Card

In order to link their Aadhar card with ration card, consumers have to approach fair price shop to submit them their Aadhar card number. Fair price shopkeeper will then link consumer’s Aadhar card with their ration card. The shopkeeper will also ask for fingerprints scanning of the consumer. Later when the consumer will go for ration to the shop, his fingerprints will be matched with the one which he had already given earlier.

Only 4 Lakh People have linked their Aadhar Cards

According to the department, there are about 9 lakh ration card holders in the district. Out of these, 5.42 lakh consumers avail benefits under Food Security and other departmental schemes. Till now only 4 lakh people have linked their Aadhar card with their ration card. Lalit Jain, an official of the department, said that machines would be installed at the remaining shops in the first week of January 2016.

POS Machines distributed to dealers in Shahpura

Point of Sale (POS) machines were distributed to dealers in Shahpura on Thursday. An official said during the meeting that all ration shops have gone online. Black marketing of ration could also be reduced with this system. Shopkeepers have to submit ration distribution details online twice a month. If someone does not submit the report then he will not be delivered ration for further distribution to the consumers. POS machine will store shopkeeper data as well. Dealers were also given training for using the POS machine.

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