Laxity among authorities regarding Aadhaar of innocent people

Hundreds of people in Ujjain city of Madhya Pradesh are fussed for not receiving Aadhar card. Many of them are those who have waited for months since photo and iris scan but still are unaware about their Aadhaar while some enrolled with them have received their Aadhaar letters. The problem is that people do not know where to go and complain to whom? The Aadhar card website shows issued Aadhaar but the card has not been delivered yet to a large section of the people. Postal department can also be responsible for this but department officials are unwilling to accept it. Company is saying that we have sent data. Though people are using photocopies of the electronic version of the Aadhaar letter by downloading it from the website but they are waiting for their original Aadhar card.

According to the stats of the Aadhaar Portal, since July 2012 to present data of 13 lakh people has been sent by various enrolling companies but only 7.70 lakh Aadhaar have been issued so far. There is no information about the rest of the people. However, those who have not received their Aadhar card yet can take a printout of their E-Aadhaar letter by downloading it from the website.

The news from Julana, Jind, Haryana is also not shocking where about 2000 Aadhaar enrollment form were found lying in garbage. A rage could be seen among people who reached there to see the misery of these vital Aadhaar registration form. People informed about this incident to the concerned authority who then took over this event. These enrollment forms were lying there for three days and the horrible fact is that all these were filled forms of thousands of people along with which they had attached their document proofs.

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