Iris scan replaces fingerprints mismatch in Chandigarh

You can now take benefits of Aadhaar based services only when you can face the eye scanner. Identification of eyes has become necessary for obtaining Aadhar card based pension and other benefits. This type of service has been first initiated in Chandigarh. In case of confusion over fingerprints of an Aadhar card holder, services will be availed through the iris scan information already associated with the Aadhar card. However, this practice is only in trial at present. Aadhaar based services are mostly provided to senior citizens. Many times it happens that these people reach for taking pension but their fingerprints do not match. In such a case no one should be denied of his rights for which iris scan information is used to prove the person’s identity.

Improper circulation of blood causes disappearing of fingerprints of elders. UIDAI Chandigarh Regional Office ran a campaign from 29 to 31 July. In this campaign a survey was taken on 11000 people who came for social security pension. Fingerprints of 105 of these people did not match. Iris scan machine has been deployed at BAL BHAWAN. This machine has been demanded from UIDAI. Iris scans of about 400 people have been verified here.

Rajesh Jogpal, Director, SWD said that by uniting with UIDAI we have started this service for the first time. Mismatches of fingerprints are posing difficulty. In such condition concerned person will be provided pension and other benefits by verifying the iris.

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