Indians to get National Identity Card from NDA

Seeing increasing number of illegal Bangladeshi immigrants in the country, Modi government has declared to issue National Identity Card (NIC) through National Population Register (NPR). Through NPR it will be helpful to recognize who is Indian and who is not. Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh gave this information about this in Lok Sabha on Tuesday. He said that PM Narendra Modi attended a meeting regarding NPR and UIDAI. Both agencies will work in coordination with each other. It was asked not to take too much time to prepare overall NPR database.

Rajnath Singh said that the time has come to differentiate between genuine and illegal citizens. NDA government believes that each Aadhar card holder is an Indian is not necessary. It is a fact that Bangladeshi living in India from long time obtains Aadhar card through ration card and other document proofs. Therefore, Aadhar card doesn’t guarantee nationality of its holder. To prevent illegal migration of foreigners to the Indian Territory, various types of methods are being used like fencing the borders between the two nations. Recently, PM asked UIDAI to achieve the 100 crore Aadhaar enrolment mark as early as possible and he also gave green signal to continue the use of Aadhaar for schemes like DBT including that for LPG (DBTL). Much more exciting drama is set to happen regarding Aadhaar and its fate.

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