India Post admits laxity in Aadhaar delivery

With the registers full of complaints regarding not receiving the Aadhaar letters even after a year of enrolment, the India Post finally accept that it failed to deliver the UIDAI’s Aadhaar letter to the residential addresses of the people of this country even after a long delay. India Post has been given the responsibility to deliver the Aadhaar letter of those people who have enrolled for Aadhaar in various parts of the country but it seems as if the carrier is not capable of handling such a large number of consignments due to which a large section of the people waiting for their UID Aadhaar number have lost the hope of getting it. The India Post attributed this failure to the lack of manpower and equipment for handling such a huge order in the first phase of the project.

India Post which has been given the duty of printing, dispatching and delivery of Aadhaar letters in the whole country informed that the printing work has been outsourced and it will be able to dispatch and deliver the Aadhaar letters in the second phase of the project only. Y P S Mohan, Chief General Manager, Department of Posts said that there was scarcity of resources in the first phase but the second phase will operate smoothly. The result of such a failure is the great response of the people in this scheme which was well above than what was expected initially due to which there was a great lack of equipment and facilities to handle such a huge mass of orders. He added that in the beginning, UIDAI had placed an order for printing about 2.5 million letters in 2010 but the actual outcome was much higher than this expected value. There was a big rise in the Aadhaar enrolment in the year 2011 and the department had a big job of delivering 25 million letters monthly. Since our capability was lesser we had made a huge backlog for ourselves which only added to our problems and nothing else.  A step was then taken to outsource the printing work and from January this year we have clear the backlog.

14 thoughts on “India Post admits laxity in Aadhaar delivery

  1. We had not receive the Aadhar Since one year Enrolment No:1027/00181/44556
    Date:15/09/2011 13:28:02
    Balaji Nagar, Nellore 524001 Andhra Pradesh

  2. Sir, Our enrolment Nos are as under :-
    EN No1093/11004/01061 – 06/08/2011 – 11.35.28
    No1093/11004/01062 -06/08/2011 – 11.40.06
    No1093/11004/01063-06/08/2011 – 11.45.04
    We have lost 16 months in this matter. Please expedite issue of our card
    Mohandas M Hemalatha N Sandeep M
    13 Dec 2012

  3. i heve not riceived my aadhar card before 15months enrollment no1216/00022/01958 daet 28/08/2011 time 15;42;43 Andheri E Mumbai 400069

  4. My aadhar regn no 1190/15783/28401 dt 06/12/2011, 12.37.17 time. Till date i have not received my aadhar card. I found out from the India Post portal that my card has been returned to the sender by india post showing item not claimed. Normally Post authorities issue an intimation note whenever an article comes to the persons address when the house is locked/closed. I have not received such intimation from post. Kindly look into the matter as urgently as you can. thanks

  5. i heve not riceived my aadhar card before 9 months enrollment no1050/50412/03061 daet 02/12/2011 time 13;32;26 jodhpur rajashthan

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