Incorrect pictures on Aadhaar letters; UIDAI admits lapses

Although Aadhar card is told to be very important for the citizens of the country but an ironical case has come up. During Aadhaar enrollment process many a times pictures of empty chairs, trees and dogs have been found in place of the enroller photograph. When asked to UIDAI Deputy Director General Ashok Dalwai regarding this he said that no system is full-proof, every system has lapses. Dalwai said that we have seen that in place of enroller photograph picture of empty chair has printed. This happens because of operator’s fault. For verification photograph and fingerprints will be examined. This can also happen that operator has copied wrong picture. To rectify such problems we have a team which does the job of manual duplication checking.

Another problem which Mr. Dalwai also accepted is that instead of fingerprints of the enroller, operator’s fingerprints have been recorded. This could have happened when the operator would have been guiding to the enroller. In many cases operator records his own fingerprints. In such condition the enrollment gets rejected and the enroller is informed about this and the enrollment is done from the beginning. He said that one cannot enroll more than once until he gets a rejected certificate from UIDAI. He urged people not to enroll again until given a rejected certificate by the authority.

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