Incorrect address poses difficulty for Postal department

To give a base to his identity Fakirchand took many rounds for his Aadhar card but did not get one even after 3 months of enrollment. Ramlal also enrolled with the same ambition of giving a base to his identity. The list of people from Agroha and nearby villages in Punjab is long who managed to enroll for Aadhaar after big difficulty but still have not received after a long wait of time. Similarly, Aadhaar letters lying at the Post Office of Agroha are eager to reach to their destinations. Hundreds of Aadhar cards are lying at the Agroha Post Office on which address as well as photo of the receiver is also printed. The responsibility of delivering them to the people is of Postal department but half and incorrect address printed on them is coming in the way of their delivery. They could not be delivered because of wrong address printed on them. Postmaster of the Agroha Post Office said that the address of most of these Aadhaar letters is incomplete and only Agroha is printed as the address while there is no house number or colony mentioned on them. This is the cause of finding correct person for delivery of these cards. Even the mobile numbers printed on them are incorrect.


The district collector of Kakinada, Andhra Pradesh has asked the consumers of LPG cylinder to provide their Aadhaar and bank details to their respective gas agencies as quickly as possible. The district is one of those where the LPG subsidy will be provided through Aadhaar based direct benefit transfer scheme. Those who will not submit their details will not get the subsidy amount of the LPG cylinders. The deadline for submission is 15 May 2013.

(Image Source: Punjab Kesari)

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