Impossible to take Aadhaar back: Govt to SC

New Delhi: After several times of scolding by the Supreme Court of India, central government finally tells the apex court of the country that it is now impossible to take back the Aadhaar project. Government has said Supreme Court that out of the total population of 125 crore, 80 crore people have been issued Aadhaar numbers in the country. Narendra Modi led central government has told SC that Rs. 5000 crore have been spent on this mega project so far. With the use of this Aadhaar, government is providing benefits to people through various welfare schemes and services. Many subsidies are being given to the people through this Aadhaar.

Government believes that with the abolishment of this project, their dream of removing poverty from the country will get affected. Attorney General of India Mukul Rohatgi said in the court that hearing of this case should be done by a constitution bench of at least five judges. On the other hand, Supreme Court has asked for government’s opinion once again on this matter. Hearing is being done in the Supreme Court after petitions filed challenging the mandatory use of Aadhar card. Recently central government filed a petition in SC requesting to take back the apex court’s order in which SC ordered that Aadhar card cannot be made compulsory for any government scheme or services. Through the petition central government has informed SC that they are facing serious problems in implementing Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme properly because of SC’s previous order.

Finance Ministry has requested for amendments in Supreme Court’s orders of 23rd September 2013 and 16th March 2015. According to central government, unique identity is essential for the success of Direct Benefit Transfer (DBT) scheme. For this each beneficiary has to have a unique identity. With unique identity it can be confirmed that the benefits are being transferred to the genuine beneficiary and also it will eliminate duplicate and ghost transactions from the system.

Central government has said that if benefits are transferred solely on the basis of bank account number then it will be impossible to locate ghost or fake transactions and it will be impossible to bypass intermediary and bogus beneficiaries. If Aadhaar is not used for DBT then big loopholes will persist in the system and many will take advantage of it.

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