Illegal immigrants easily getting Aadhar Card in India

When central government launched the Aadhar card scheme then ballads were read fiercely in its praise. It was told that after this every citizen of the country would have only one identity card. It was claimed that people will get freedom from entanglement of getting types of identity documents. But UPA government’s dream project is rigged dominated. Anyone can get Aadhar card for little money. This has been revealed in a special investigation of Cobrapost. During the launch of Aadhar card, government claimed that no illegal immigrant will get fake ID card of our country. Infosys co-founder Nandan Nilekani was given the responsibility to initiate the program. But in a new sting operation of Cobrapost it has been revealed that forgery is being done fiercely in Aadhar card enrollment.

Government has distributed the job of collecting people’s information to many organizations. Cobrapost’s reporters investigated nine such organizations in Delhi-NCR and Bhopal which have been given the task of collecting peoples’ information. Whether you belong to Nepal or Bangladesh, whether you have valid document proofs or not, you can easily enroll for Aadhar card by spending few bucks of money.

Such types of incidents have also occurred earlier as well where illegal immigrants easily get ID proof of the country. Especially in the regions of Assam, Bihar and Bengal, number of Bangladeshis have increased a lot. Besides this, their numbers in Delhi is already very high and now these work freely in government colonies like RK Puram. These even have valid document proofs of being Indian nationals.

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