Government keen on Aadhaar based subsidy scheme

Although Supreme Court has raised questions over distributing subsidy through Aadhar Card but the Government is still not concerned about it. In fact the scheme for transferring LPG subsidy directly into bank accounts of the consumers has been implemented more vigorously. LPG cylinder delivery boys are encouraging people to enroll for Aadhar card by visiting to homes of the consumers. This scheme has been implemented in 184 districts of the country. Till now subsidy amount worth Rs. 2000 crore has been transferred directly into the bank accounts. Sources of Petroleum Ministry say that work of linking bank accounts of LPG consumers with their Aadhaar numbers has gain pace and the work will be completed by the next month. Gas delivery boys are distributing forms to the people and asking them to complete further formalities of the linking process. Due to this linking of bank accounts of lakhs of new consumers with Aadhaar number will be completed within few weeks.

UPA government was considering this to be the game changer before elections but during this SC flagged the subsidy distribution program through Aadhar card as inappropriate. To cope up with the situation government also tried to provide legal status to the project by passing it in the short winter session of parliament but because of political situation the bill could not be even introduced. The case is pending in the apex court of the country. Even after this the central government continues to make everything possible to implement this project.

Three months of grace period for consumers in Gurgaon and Panipat

Three months of grace period will be provided to domestic LPG consumers of Gurgaon district. Those who have Aadhar card would be provided cash subsidy from the month of January itself. Gas agencies have received instructions that from January LPG consumers will receive cash money instead of subsidy. There are over 3.5 lakh LPG consumers of the three oil companies viz. IOCL, HPCL and BPCL in the district. An official told that Aadhar card linkup process has begun. If a consumer does not have Aadhar card then he/she will be given subsidized cylinder till March.

Similar to Gurgaon, LPG consumers of Panipat district have also been provided with three months of relief period to complete all the formalities required to avail the cash subsidy benefits on LPG cylinders. The grace period for consumers would end on 31st March 2014. Earlier this deadline was till 31st December which now has been extended for three more months. People are also facing problems as majority of consumers do not have their Aadhar card made. Only 30 to 35% consumers have submitted the details to the gas agencies till now. Gas agencies are also asking consumers to link their Aadhar card with bank account and submit their details to them. Postal department has also failed to deliver Aadhar card to their respective owners and hundreds of Aadhar card are lying at the post office. Postal Department officials say that incorrect details printed on the Aadhar card letters are the biggest reason for not delivery of these letters. There are about 3 lakh LPG connections in the district while 50 to 70 thousand consumers are without connection.

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