Government cancelled more than 3.5 lac Aadhaar

The government has cancelled 384237 Aadhaar numbers because of misuse done by the operators. The Aadhaar numbers have been cancelled because of misuse of biometric exception section by the operators. Rajiv Shukla said in Lok Sabha that all the enrollments under the biometric exception section have been cancelled. This has come into the notice of UIDAI that few operators have taken the advantage of this exception rule. Shukla said that all these enrollments were manually crossed-checked for any type of irregularity.

UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi has asked political parties to welcome the Aadhaar based direct benefit transfer scheme and also to implement this ambitious program for an effective functioning of the transaction process. She said that the success of this DBT scheme depends on the participation of both the central and the state government and the state parties should develop an interest in implementing this scheme in their states. She added that Aadhar based DBT will ensure effective transfer of benefits to the beneficiary and also it will prevent leakages in the process.

The ambitious Aadhaar based DBT scheme has been in effect since January 1 but there is still no Aadhar card in the Rajnagar region of Seraikela-Kharsawan district, Jharkhand. People are therefore anger for that. Political parties went on hunger strike few times at the zonal headquarter for Aadhar card and also handed over memorandum to the BDO but even then no conclusion was observed.

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