Get your Aadhaar before registering your marriage

In the national capital Delhi, you cannot register your marriage unless you have got your Aadhaar number with you. Yes, the state government has clearly declared that Aadhar card is compulsory for accessing various services in the state and similar to property registration, Aadhaar card is also mandatory for registering your marriage at the respective offices. A newly married couple when went to a magistrate office in Delhi for registering their marriage, they were asked to produce Aadhar card in order to get their marriage certificate. The questions also rises here because according to UIDAI, enrolling for Aadhaar is not mandatory rather it is a voluntary based scheme but few states have made it compulsory for various schemes.

The government is issuing Aadhaar numbers free of cost to the people of the country but the employees making it are charging Rs. 20 each from each candidate. Gurmeet Singh S/O Harnaam Singh from Sherewala village of Punjab allegedly accused that residents from their village are paying Rs. 20 as a fees for enrollment to the workers. When he queried the concerned employee regarding that, they said that they had not received their salary for long time and they are charging this for their livelihood.

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