Gas agencies worry about DBT scheme in Jamshedpur

Although government has made January 1 as the deadline for transferring LPG subsidy into bank accounts of consumers in Jamshedpur, the reality is that gas agencies do not have Aadhar card data update of consumers with them. Government will also not want that subsidy benefits are provided to partial people. Prediction is that scheme could be delayed under such situation. On the grassroots level only 20-30% consumers have provided their Aadhar card details to gas agencies. Central government has taken the decision to link 235 more districts under the DBT-LPG subsidy scheme by January 2014. The 18 gas agencies in Jamshedpur have about 2.5 lakh consumers in total who have to be given subsidy benefits. Gas agencies operators believe that if the scheme is to be embodied then district administration should setup enrollment machines in their office. Distributors can then inform consumers to enroll for Aadhar card. A machine was setup in a gas agency in Adityapur through which many people got benefited. Gas distributors are also informing people through cylinder delivery boys.

People in Bhopal soon to get Aadhar card

Those people in Bhopal who enrolled for Aadhar card 6 months ago will soon be able to receive their Aadhar cards. However, many of these people have already received their letters. UIDAI Central Data Centre in Bangalore has issued 34.30 lakh Aadhaar numbers to state people in 45 days. Majority of these people are those who enrolled between September 2012 to April 2013. About 90 lakh Aadhaar of state people were stuck at the data centre and it includes 60000 people of the capital. More than 1000 people have got Aadhar cards in 25 days. A UIDAI official said that 24 lakh in September while 10.30 lakh Aadhaar numbers in October month till now have been issued. If you have enrolled for Aadhar card more than a month ago then you can contact on UIDAI’s toll-free number 1800-300-1947.

Aadhaar enrollment work stops in Karnal

Citizen Grievances Committee (CGC) has expressed concern over stalled functioning at the Aadhaar enrollment centers in Karnal district. CGC members and service providers discussed this during a meeting. DC Vikas Yadav has been made aware about this and has been demanded appropriate investigation into this matter. The enrollment work began from February month in the district. UIDAI has appointed Alankit Assignment Ltd New Delhi for the enrollment work. Company contracted with service providers and did about 3.5 lakh enrollments till September 30th the district. About 1.25 lakh people have got Aadhaar numbers. Service providers say that they have not received payment from the company after June. There was no satisfactory response from company’s officials after many attempts due to which the enrollment work stopped from October 1. Workers are now surrounded by financial problems because of pending payment. They have become unable to continue the work further. CGC officials said that people are upset because of stoppage of work. People return disappointed from the enrollment centers. CGC has assured service providers to stand with them in their struggle so that Aadhar card enrollment work resume in the district.

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