Furious people rampages at enrollment centre

In Ambala, Punjab, after the continuous negligence in Aadhaar enrollment and misbehavior of the employees with the people, the patience of the people gave up on Tuesday. People rampaged at the post office and also blocked the road. The help of police was taken to control the affrayed people and open the blocked road. But even after wait of hours there was no solution to the people’s problem. People reached the post office early on the Tuesday morning to enroll for Aadhaar. The employees there asked the guardians to come with their children because of which children had to miss their school as well but the enrollment could not start after hours. The furious people started rampage and seeing that the employees ran away from there. People blocked the road outside the post office. Seeing enraged people the department called the police. Police then took control of the situation and urged the people to calm down. At the main post office people found their filled form lying down on the ground and the people could be seen searching for their form on the ground. But neither the employees nor the officials took care of people’s difficulties.

People who came to enroll for Aadhaar said that people come here at the post office leaving their daily jobs for Aadhar card enrollment but the workers there even could not talk to them properly which only creates problems for us. They added that even after standing for hours in long queue they cannot enroll for Aadhaar.

The enrollment process for people coming from various villages began in Baradari Garden, Punjab. People who came there said that Aadhaar enrollment will remove many of their problems. Ajay Kumar, an employee, said that enrollment will be done daily here.

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