Fee charged for Aadhar Card in Ratlam

Ratlam (MP): Aadhar card enrollment which is actually a free process is being used wrong by Kiosk centre. To achieve the Aadhar card target, loot is being done at the kiosk centre in the entire district. Rs.50 to 200 are being wrongly charged in the name of the Aadhar card enrollment fee by the operators at the kiosk centre from the people coming for their enrollment. But, the shocking fact is that no investigation has been made so far in the district on this issue.

District administration has to complete Aadhar card work for more than 3 lakh people before the beginning of next year. New machines have been brought in to achieve this target. Every day’s work is being reviewed at the district headquarter office. Administration’s focus at the moment is Aadhar card for the rural areas for which staffs from the cities have been sent to the rural areas. According to the official records, there is only one machine in the city at the moment. A daily has newspaper revealed that Rs.50 to 200 are being charged from the people for Aadhar card enrollment at more than a dozen of kiosk centre in the city.

Imran Pathan, a local resident, said that he had paid Rs.100 as a fee for Aadhar card enrollment at the shop where he enrolled. B. Chandrashekhar, district collector, said that machines are unavailable for use in the city. We have sent all machines in villages. If people are charge money for Aadhar card here then it is an offence, investigation will be done against culprits. We will interrogate into this matter.

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