Every 7th Aadhaar enrollment rejected in Indore, MP

If you have completed all the formalities for Aadhaar but still have not received it yet then please check your Aadhar card status online. This is also possible that either you or the company which did your enrollment had done some wrong processing due to which your Aadhaar has not been made. This doubt is strong because every seventh enrollment in the city of Indore and the state of Madhya Pradesh is being rejected on account of incorrect application. And unluckily if your enrollment has also been rejected then you have to re-enroll for your Aadhaar number. In the last 20 days of April 1500557 people enrolled for Aadhaar out of which 173492 have been rejected by the concerned authority. In the city of Indore itself 11259 out of 74257 enrollments have been rejected in the last 20 days of April month. It means that at both the level every seventh enrollment has been rejected by UIDAI. The terms for accepting enrollment are so strict that even a minor lapse can cause the rejection of the enrollment. If the photo of the enroller is not clear or even if it is slightly tilted then the enrollment is rejected.

Private companies are doing the job of enrollment. Many a times companies do not upload complete details on the server due to which the application is rejected. If someone attempts to enroll again for Aadhaar for the second time then the automatic computer system will reject the new enrollment. If someone stands behind the photograph of the enroller then also computer automatically rejects the enrollment. If the filled details on the form do not match with the details on the attached documents then the enrollment is also rejected. If the eyes of the enroller are closed then also the enrollment will be rejected.

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